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Navasana Crop Yoga Leggings, £65, Sweaty Betty Gone are the day’s leggings were made just for a functionality purpose, now they are created for comfort and style – YIPEE. No longer feel guilty for stepping into yoga pants and not breaking a sweat. Seriously its okay, and us at Look magazine have got more than enough reasons for you to shop the high street and bag yourself the PERFECT leggings, making those new Year body resolutions become more of a reality than a distant thought. Add sweaty Betty reversible leggings to your Christmas list (unless you’ve been naughty), so that you don’t have to splurge on these amazing yoga pants yourself. So now you can wear again and again and no one will bat an eyelid. £70 may sound too steep but if you think that works out at £35 each, Bargain, thanks Santa! Or order online from the Victoria’s secret Pink sports range, which gives a variety of pieces to choose from, such as the sequin yoga pant, so you no longer sweat but SPARKLE in the gym. Or as if you needed any more reason to go shopping, pop into one of the UK Victoria’s Secret stores and grab yourself something sporty and save on shipping costs, HAPPY SHOPPING! Cropped, Snakeskin and mesh? You might be thinking that’s got a lot going on, but when you see how gorgeous Lipsy’s printed ¾ beauties are you will be queuing out the door to get your hands on them, and the matching sports bra of course.

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