Questions To Raise About Deciding Upon Crucial Aspects Of Yoga Pants

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The drugs cannabis and LSD became freely available on the streets of the more trendy areas of London. Some detected drug references in songs such as Hole In My Shoe, Itchycoo Park and The White Cliffs Of Dover. 4. To capture the spirit of the age, Prime Minister Harold Wilson urged his Cabinet to adopt more casual attire. For their first Downing Street meeting in May, 1967, Transport Minister Barbara Castle wore a psychedelic mini-skirt with a cheesecloth shirt, and Defence Secretary Denis Healey brought joss sticks in his briefcase. Chancellor James Callaghan insisted on sticking to his usual dark grey suit but, in a gesture of solidarity, agreed to sport a Jimi Hendrix wig. The Prime Minister himself presided over the Cabinet meeting wearing a tie-dye mauve kaftan with moccasins. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought his Transcendental Meditation technique to the UK, with the Queen Mother among adopters 5. During the Summer of Love, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought his Transcendental Meditation technique to the UK.

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