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Go to an early morning yoga and dance party at Saks Fifth Avenue next week By comicbooklad_ Posted: Monday July 17 2017, 2:42pm Now that I'm 27 and embracing the bitter decrepitude of age ("Why don't they have food at this bar?" "Does it have to start so late?" "It's in Manhattan?!"), I must take stock of the types of NYC events that not only affirm life, but don't kill the few remaining neurotransmitters I have remaining.  Enter Daybreaker , the morning rave that's been selling out its NYC editions for the last few years. Running from 6–9am, the fitness event/dance party gives sober revelers a chance to dress up in costume, dance like maniacs and then go to their desk jobs. You may have caught it on last year's excellent High Maintenance episode "Tick." For the Wednesday, July 26 edition, the Daybreaker crew is stepping up their game, hosting a rowdy Red Lips + Yoga Pants edition at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. The party promises all the shenanigans you'd expect from a sober morning rave: an hour of yoga/fitness at 6am with ConBody, Mark Fisher Fitness and Viva Body Roll, followed by a dance party from 7–9am featuring Alyx Alexander. Though the party ends an hour before store opening, you can still freak out neighborhood regulars with your look. Think Diet Burning Man.  Tickets are available at Daybreaker's website . You can opt to skip the workout session for a reduced price.  If the whole thing is too overwhelming for you, you can at least count on a pretty good snack bar. So that's something to look forward to. 

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