What You Should Know About Painless Systems Of Yoga Pants With Pockets

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The pants are linked to an app and they monitor the body at specific pulse points. A small clip-on charger is the only aspect that might give the pants away as being out of the ordinary; they’re even machine washable. The pants sense what pose you’re in and sync with the app, they then vibrate at the ankles and lower back, to remind yogis to straighten their legs or lunge deeper. “It isn’t about right and wrongs per se, it’s about bringing awareness,” Whitehouse demonstrated in Warrior III. The app syncs with the yoga pants using Bluetooth. Wearable X Before Whitehouse began designing the leggings, she was told this type of technology didn’t exist yet. The first designs had pockets to hold the functional pieces, but eventually her team made them invisible and entirely integrated. Whitehouse was confident her concept could come to fruition, based on her previous experience merging tech and style. The young entrepreneur’s company previously built Fundawear , a product she described as “vibrating knickers for couples in long distance relationships.” While the yoga pants vibrate, their purpose is far different than Fundawear’s.

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